That T-Shirt Isn’t Funny Anymore. Neither is the Joke.

A lot of vegans and vegetarians agree with Morrissey and company:

And apparently so do some omnivores. I saw someone the other day sporting this shirt:

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PSA: Even On Your Worst Day, You’re Still Happier Than Morrissey

WARNING: Trying to feel more sorry for yourself than Morrissey feels for himself will not work and will only piss off everyone around you. Exercise extreme caution and restraint.

Credit to Lawrence Watson

PSA: All That Stuff Is Connected

WARNING: All that stuff in your throat, nose, and sinuses is definitely connected. If you are taking a pill (such as a vegan dietary supplement) and cough when swallowing, said pill can become lodged in a cavity behind your face. In such a situation, you may experience odd smells, extreme burning, and then have to blast water up your nose while hanging your head upside down to dislodge said pill. Exercise extreme caution and restraint.

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