Vintage Correct

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m a bit of a guitar gear nerd. So when I should be doing things that matter more than reading about the type of pressboard used in an obscure 1960s amplifier, instead I’m–well–reading about pressboard.

Guitarists tend to be enamored with the gear of yesteryear (the two most popular electric guitars today were both introduced in the 1950s), and a lot of them want everything to be “vintage correct.” This means that every knob, every piece of fabric, and every screw should be the same as those produced back in the day, modern advancements in technology be damned.

Much like the “bumper sticker” of another post, this got me thinking: what are some non-guitar-related things where vintage-correctness would be bad?


Credit to Jenny O'Donnell

Obviously best if never experienced, regardless of the vintage.


(no image for this one–keeping it work safe)

Try, try as Tom Jones and Kiss might, codpieces are not fashionable. And whether or not corsets really cause lasting health problems (like death), they sure don’t look very comfy.

Understanding of Cigarettes (and by proximity, the Flintstones)

Are Fred and Barney hocking kid’s vitamins out of guilt?

And here are a few things that might actually benefit from vintage-correctness:

The Ozone Layer

Credit to NASA

Whippets kill braincells and the atmospheric layer that protects us from cancer, blindness, and sunburn.

Pop Stars With Bowl Haircuts


There is no quip witty enough to make this okay.

Dick Clark

Credit to Alan Light

New Year’s Rockin’ Eve just isn’t the same.



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