Adhesives and Witticisms

In the post about the real me vs. my dog’s version of me, I mentioned an inspiring “bumper sticker” and promised to explain the need for quotations marks.

They are necessary because it wasn’t really a bumper sticker in the strictest sense. It did feature some common bumper sticker characteristics:

  • Marginally clever slogan/saying
  • On a vehicle (it was on a tailgate, but the “bumper” part seems flexible)
  • Visually unattractive (weird pink color on a maroon truck)
  • Attached with adhesive

That last point is where this “b.s.” departed from the norm.

This was not vinyl or a magnet. It was not a car wrap. It was this:

A piece of construction paper covered in packing tape.

Offended by the tackiness displayed on this truck? Don’t be.

Impressed by the ingenuity of this marriage of vehicle and tape? Don’t be.

Bothered by my photo-taking and the dangers of multitasking while driving? Don’t be.

This is a very long stoplight.


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