Repeat Offender

Maybe it isn’t the same perp. I’m reluctant to think that there could be another perp–what gall!—but it’s possible.

Even if they are different, the two looked exactly the same to me. Criminal.

Maybe it’s good instincts. Maybe it’s species-profiling.

This might not be reptilian trespassing, but it’s definitely loitering. And disturbing the peace of me checking my mail.

So it’s bucket time. Again.

The perp isn’t as complacent as last time.

That’s turtle pee, which adds public indecency and resisting arrest to the charges.

Still, I have no means for incarceration other than the bucket. And I like to keep the bucket available for non-turtle-related activities.

A second deportation is the only option.

Suspect in transport again.

The return to Howles Big Pond is considerably easier this time: no gates, a path has been cut around the fallen tree, and no mutant mosquitoes.

Operation nearly complete.

The convict seemed eager enough at release that I’m hoping he’s learned his lesson.

But I’ve been wrong about these things before.


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