Scooter Badass

I spend a lot of time driving to and from work–about 45 minutes each way.

I get bored. I keep an eye out for faux bumper stickers. When I see something amusing, I snap photos. But only at stoplights (safety first).

Then Scooter Badass demanded that I take a daring in-motion photo.

I may have completely missed this guy, so I’m glad he was blasting his Lil’ Wayne so loudly that I heard it through my closed windows, above the din of traffic and my own radio tuned to NPR.


Banana yellow moped? Check.

Driver with shades, a backwards hat and layered skin-tight tanktops? Check.

Bandana hanging from rear pocket? Check.

Cigarette? Check.

Texting while driving? Check.



Overweight and unsecured Chihuahua in the cargo basket?



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