Picking and Fretting, Part II: What’s With That Face?

How I loathe the guitar face. The worst consist of two main ingredients.

Bad Facial Hair

I’d probably best be careful poking fun at Kerry King. He’s always been a badass. Slayer has always been badass.

Oh, nevermind.


Scary Mouth

“Grr, Napster!”

If the real Cheshire Cat had been the guitarist for Creed, maybe they wouldn’t have been so crap–oh, almost forgot about Scott Stapp.


Then there are the overachievers like this guy:


Let’s not leave the bad guitar faces to the rock bros, though. Bluesmen (and at least one bluesman wannabee) have had a pretty good go at the guitar face, too (usually without the metal goatees and whatnot).


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