Where Spandex Meets Denim, Laziness

During my return to university life as a grad student at SCAD and an intern at my alma mater, Coastal Carolina, I noticed that some things about students haven’t changed: texting in class, a disproportionate number of Dave Matthews Band fans, and the occasional wearer-of-pajamas-to-class.

I never wore pajamas to class. Clingy fabrics are, in my opinion, not flattering to the male anatomy. Some of my female friends did tell me that they wished that they could strut into class in pajamas, but felt that jeans were the best choice. There was no compromise.

Today, there is another option.

I’m a little late on the uptake here–these have been on the market for a while–but apparently I don’t run in the same circles as Pajama Jeans wearers. I would imagine the market to be fairly limited:

  • People too lazy to change their pants.
  • People who don’t have room for separate pajama and jeans drawers.
  • People who demand the bastard offspring of two perfectly good products. I image that these folks only eat with sporks.

But Pajama Jeans have survived the ailing economy, so my list must be incomplete.

I might just not “get” Pajama Jeans, or combination products in general (I like my blankets to not have arm-holes, thank you very much).

If someone could invent a beer that’s also a facial astringent, I’d totally be on board.


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