Tips for Sales

I’ve mentioned that I often use Craigslist to buy and sell music gear. And anyone posting to Craigslist should understand that the riffraff will flood your inbox with all sorts of things: lowball offers; once in a lifetime chances to help out displaced princes; creams that will shrink, color, or grow certain parts of your anatomy; and weird trades. It’s part of the game.

Since I’ve been playing that game for a while now, I thought I’d offer some advice to other Craigslist sellers.


Custom vs. homemade

Just because you can operate a screwdriver and use a measuring tape doesn’t mean you’re a custom shop. If you made it in your garage, your dad helped you, or constructed it with wood left over from the deer stand you built, it’s probably just homemade.


It’s written right there

You know that thing you’re selling? Read what’s written on the piece. Retype it exactly. If you spell it wrong, consider it a chance to experience the wonders of the backspace key. If I can’t trust you to get that much right, I’m not going to trust you on any of the less obvious details. Like whether or not the item works.



It gives me the impression that if we meet in person, you’ll yell the whole time. And that would be awkward.


If I’m reading your ad, assume I can use the Internet

I’m reading your ad on a computer. I just might use it to check prices. I’m wily like that. With that in mind:


Your used crap is not worth as much as it was when it was new crap

Since you’re using Craigslist, you’re probably not a person who makes stuff more valuable by sweating on it.


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